Linear weigher LF

The LF features a modular design with up to four weighing heads. It can be manual operated as filling station or integrated into a packaging line. Performance per weighing head up to 20 cycles/min.

Its rigid stainless steel construction excels highest hygiene standards. All product-touching parts can be disassembled without tools.

Coarse and fine channel equipped with controlled vibrators and intelligent software. This guarantees maximum precision and accuracy. Memory for up to 100 production setups accessible through serial interface.

Type Heads Filling range
LF12 1 1..400 0,1 20
LF22 2 1..400 0,1 40

Products: Powders and granulates e.g. spices, pharmaceutical and medicinal products, chemicals, cocoa, etc.

Up to 4 weighing heads with 1 control.

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We provide over 50 years of experience in fully automated weighing equipment. We supply weighing machines and filling systems for nearly all bulk or powder goods, cereals, frozen vegetables, grinded cheese, screws and much more. Our range includes even explosion protected weighers for chemical powders and resins.