The One-Shot technology uses a synchronised depositing of filling and shell mass into a mould. This technique is suited for the production of almost all filled chocolate items, notably pralines, truffles, filled bars using the Long One-Shot technique and filled napolitains. Even razor-thin “After Eight” mint plates can be made.

Also, the manufacturing of a typical praline assortment is covered by the standard AWEMA One-Shot package, which comes with every MINI or UDM depositing machine. With the optional Quadro-Shot extension up to four ingredients can be processed at the same time, which allows making premium chocolate items such as pralines with two fillings in a bi-coloured shell.

There is no limit – just your creativity!

Another main advantage of this process is that only one cooling process is necessary and thus even complex chocdelights can be produced with high productivity.

Needless to say, that a high technological effort is required to dose the chocolate and filling in the same operation with a precision of 0.2 grams. Being the leader in One-shot technology Awema uses a the latest servo drives and combines standard Industrial PCs with its own Linux based realtime-software.