Multi-Line Cooling Tunnel

Awema Multi Lines with cooling tunnel features the following highlights:

  • AWEMA’s State of the art depositing technology for Pralines, Bars and Tablets
  • Industry leading Oneshot technology for filled product and precision depositing of solid chocolate on the same line
  • Circle Layout of the Line with multizone cooling tunnel (single or double tier)
  • Entire line is controlled on the depositor including recipe call-off and fully automatic control of the production process,
  • Lowest number of moulds required; both single or double mould type
  • Best in class energy consumption
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Fully automatic demoulding with gentle product handling
  • Several Line Capacities available depending on the depositor model and cooling time
  • Free Remote Control for customer assistance included
  • Further Options: Inclusion mixer, full nut depositor, decorating devices, bookmould handling devices

Awema Multi Lines are made to fit:

Your products, production environment (space, climate conditions, packaging machinery) are unique. We tailor our Multi Line to your exact requirements based on proved, leading-edge technology.

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Awema Multi Lines are fully customized:

  • Output range from 200 kg/h up to 3’000 kg/h
  • 3 to 24 moulds / minute
  • Up to 8 decorating robots
  • Integration of optional equipment, e.g. robot based feeding of spinning machines