Nut depositor type ND-156

The nut depositor ND-156 is designed to place calibrated and peeled nuts into mould cavities. The machine can be integrated in almost any existing chocolate line. The product is controlled by a local PLC to ensure that nut depositing is fully synchronised with the conveyor belt. Its control unit is integrated into the production plant via a Profibus network connection.

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Awema confectionary machinery allows you to produce almost any type of chocdelight fully automated:

  • 6 types of Universal Depositing Machines (UDMs) for efficient solid and filled chocolate products

  • Complete lines (Multi Lines) from mould handling to depositing, vibrating, decorating and cooling

  • Decorating / paining equipment (Artist) combining Kuka robots with our advanced depositing technology

  • Spinning machines for hollow chocdelights

  • Accessories